Learn the SAME vocal technique that has helped HUNDREDS of recording artists win Grammy and Tony Awards!

The Singer’s Connection specializes in voice lessons for singers of all levels and ages.  Our lessons are focused on identifying bad habits and prescribing exercises to eliminate vocal issues.  In other words, we teach you HOW to sing and you decide WHAT to sing!

Our techniques work well for all genres - Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, Musical Theater, Worship, Jazz, Soul, Punk, Classical, etc.  Clients include beginners and aspiring performers, as well as professional touring and recording artists.

We are all about RESULTS!  Singers have experienced . . .

  • Increased vocal range

  • More vocal strength

  • Less fatigue, greater stamina

  • Smooth transitions between their lower and upper range

  • Ability to hold notes longer

  • Enhanced vocal quality / tone

  • Greater ease throughout your entire range

  • Expanded dynamic range (sing quieter and louder than before)

  • More confidence

  • Access to greater artistic expression

Don't downgrade your dream just to fit your reality.
Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.
~ Stuart Scott ~

Membership Options:



Per Lesson
  • 4 60-minute lessons!
  • Billed $500 each month
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Per Lesson
  • 2 30-minute lessons!
  • Billed $170 each month
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Package Options:

3-Session Package

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5-Session Package

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Please Note:  All the lessons in a package must be used within six months (180 days) from date of purchase. The full amount must be paid upfront and is non-refundable.

Single Lesson: $95

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We offer online lessons, too!

Take lessons in the comfort of your own home via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom!
Satyam has taught singers in Australia, Denmark, Dubai, the UK, and all across the United States!
Once you schedule an online lesson, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you detailing all that you will need to have a successful lesson!

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Schedule a Vocal Assessment!

Give us 15 minutes and we will not only assess your vocal ability, but also create a plan to remove bad habits and develop your voice quickly so you can accomplish YOUR goals! Beginners welcome!  Adults and children ages 7 and up!

Within 24 hours of the assessment, we will send you a Comprehensive Evaluation (i.e., you strengths, your areas of growth, some exercises to get the ball rolling, and other recommendations, etc.)

We offer in-person assessements as well as online via FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom.

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Consider Mentorship!

The Mentorship Program is designed to assist singers who are interested in getting paid for their skills!  Mentorship includes . . .

  • Picking the RIGHT songs

  • Assistance on Getting Gigs

  • YouTube Videos & Marketing

  • Facebook Fan Page & Advertising

  • Coaching in the Recording Studio

  • Business Creation & Branding

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Mentorship Consultation!

Mentorship Rates:



Per Session
  • 1 30-minute session!
  • Billed $95, one time
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Per Session
  • 2 30-minute sessions!
  • Billed $170 each month
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Decide TODAY is the day!
~ Brendon Burchard ~

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