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Singing Workshops!

Learn simple techniques to take your singing to the next level!!

SINGING BASICS – Mar 6 | 3pm-4pm | $20
Some voice teachers make it seem that having a good voice will take years.  So . . . what if we told you that we had a shortcut?!  Join us for this fun and powerful workshop to learn some simple techniques to take your singing to the next level!  Beginners welcome.  You’ll learn a TON even if you’ve taken voice lessons before!
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Learn some great tips to keep your voice healthy!

MASSAGE FOR SINGERS – Mar 27 | 2pm-3pm | $20
Do you suffer from vocal tension?  Come learn some simple, yet effective, massage techniques and stretches to help alleviate tension in the jaw, tongue, throat, and larynx!  What you learn in this workshop will supplement your vocal exercises perfectly so that you easily attain balance and ease in your singing.

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. . . Well, you should!  For the month of March, we are offering YOU a special discount!

Use Coupon Code LUCKYin2021 to receive 50% off of ONE item of your choice!  Choose from a vocal assessment, or any of our March singing workshops!
Expires March 31st.

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🌟 63rd Annual Grammy Awards! 🌟
Less than a month before the show was set to take place, the 63rd annual GRAMMY Awards were postponed from Jan. 31 to March 14 due to COVID-19 concerns.  Don’t miss the music industry’s biggest night on CBS @ 6pm!  Check out this year’s List of Grammy Nominees!

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✅ It’s NOT too late! ✅
If you or someone you know is interested in having a better voice, check out our Vocal Assessment option!  Come experience our teaching style and studio space; we cater to the very beginner as well as gigging singers!  Plus, this month’s discount puts it at under $15!

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That would be a resounding YES!  During the month of March, we will reward YOU with a FREE voice lesson ($75 value) each time you refer a new student who books a voice lesson!  The more you refer, the greater your rewards!

Meet our Neighbors!

✨  Meet Our New Neighbors!  ✨
The Singer’s Connection shares space with 2 other companies:  Linear Stretch provides Fascia Stretching that helps you gain a greater range of motion.  My Myo My Health provides Myofunctional therapy, Buteyko Breathing, tongue tie, and tongue thrust support in a non-invasive, holistic, approach to improve quality of life.  Check them out!

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Never forget how wildly capable you are!

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