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Singing Workshops!

Ever experienced a sound healing class?!

CHAKRA TONING + SOUND BATH – Aug 13  |  5:00pm-6:30pm  |  $25
Join us for an evening of self-discovery and learn to let go of anything that’s preventing you from living authentically!  The human voice has the profound ability to balance the body and mind!  We’ll start with vocal toning, move into some breathwork, and then end the night with a unique immersive experience of being “bathed” in vibrations of singing bowls, music tracks, and the human voice!   Limited to 16 participants!

Learn these amazing massage techniques to relax your jaw, tongue, throat, and larynx!

MASSAGE FOR SINGERS – Aug 19 | 6pm-7pm | $25
Do you suffer from vocal tension?  Come learn some simple, yet effective, massage techniques and stretches to help alleviate tension in the jaw, tongue, throat, and larynx!  What you learn in this workshop will perfectly supplement your vocal exercises so that you easily attain balance and ease in your singing.  Limited to 10 participants!

Join us for this workshop to sing better now!

SINGING BASICS – August 24 | 6pm-7pm | $25
Why do some voice teachers make it seem that having a good voice will take years?!  So . . . what if we told you that we had a shortcut?!  Join us for this fun and powerful workshop to learn some simple techniques to take your singing to the next level!  Beginners welcome!  If you’re looking to sing better, you’re not gonna wanna miss this!  Limited to 10 participants.

NOW is the time to take your performance to the next level!

STAGE SKILLS – Sept 7 | 6pm-7pm | $25
Learn the most powerful techniques to take your performance to the next level!  You will improve your ability to connect powerfully and authentically with an audience.  If you struggle with stage fright, or are unsure of what to do with your body on stage, you MUST come!  Great for ages 10 – 85.  Limited to 8 participants!

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🎶 Curious about Voice Lessons?! 🎶
Give us 15 minutes and we will not only assess your vocal ability, but also create a plan to remove bad habits and develop your voice quickly so you can accomplish YOUR goals!  Beginners welcome!  Adults and children ages 7 and up!  Schedule Yours Today!

2022 MTV Video Music Awards

🎥 2022 MTV Video Music Awards 🎥
The 2022 MTV Video Music Awards are being held on August 28, 2022, at New Jersey’s Prudential Center in Newark.  The ceremony will celebrate the best music videos of the year and features live performances from top artists.  Tune in at 5pm, MST!

Warm-up your voice while you wait!

🥤 Warm-Up While You Wait! 🥤
Next time you are early for your voice lesson (or we’re running behind), grab a black coffee stirrer straw to begin warming up your voice.  We’ve placed them right next to the business cards behind the lobby door.  Click Here if you want a refresher on what to do!

Give yourself a chance to experience a session!

🎭 2022-2023 Performing Arts Season Announced! 🎭
We’ve put together a list of concerts and shows taking place this season at venues throughout the valley!  And, those of you who are wanting to audition for local theater, you’ve gotta check this out!  We think you’ll be surprised by the volume of audition opportunities.  CLICK HERE to see this HUGE list of shows!

Be a part of a community of singers who support each other!

🎤 Singers Supporting Singers! 🎤
Having hosted a TON of showcases, we have created a resource for singers to connect, inspire, and support each other!  Join The Singer’s Connection – Networking Group today to begin connecting with local singers!

Join us for a relaxing event!

🌈  Sound Healing Classes Now Offered!  🌈
Have you ever been curious about sound healing?  Think of it as an experience to get your mind and body to relax through various sound vibrations.  We’ve been offering these classes for many years, so check out Sound Bath page if you are interested in learning more.

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🌟  Office Space for Rent!  🌟
If you’ve been to The Singer’s Connection, you know that our waiting area is connected to 2 other rooms.  Beginning September 1st, the smaller of the 2 rooms will be available for rent.   Please share this info with anyone who may be interested in taking a tour of the space!

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something better than you were before.

Brian Tracy

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